Hi Chris and friends

Thanks you for the contact.  Here is a voice over video with a bunch of brainstorming that may work quite well.  Please be mindful of the quality not great as I am in a hotel room travelling – and my headset having issues.


‘It’s All About You” Keynote that we can use with a stronger environmental flavour – opening with a part of that and a long loop to close the event/4 hours.  Meaningful and a lot of fun bringing it all together: https://robedwards.co

Its Time Foundation.  Important to see both the intro video and the second video down the page with the kids and plastics: https://iitime.org

Plastic Free Oceans site and intro video: https://plasticfreeoceans.org

Early days but here are some business examples: https://plasticfreeoceans.org/examples/

Fiji Woman’s projects: https://healthyresilient.com

Sustainable products that we could feature and discuss: https://robedwards.co/sustainable/

BLBL raffle, but limited to the Intercontinental and your delegates: https://iitime.org/draw-blbr/ 

The above concept now generally being deployed later this month: https://plasticfreeoceans.org/resort-details/

No links to potentially PHD guy from the uni or Ministry speaker I mentioned in the voice over.

I look forward to continuing the conversation.