Rob Edwards OAM CSP

As one of Australia’s leading well-being speakers for 15 years, Rob’s purpose is to provide meaningful and memorable experiences that leave people focused on looking after their most important asset – themselves!

His experience working with people at all levels of business, cardiac patients, elite athletes, remote island communities and women’s groups has evolved a communication style that genuinely connects with audiences. A long history of developing his craft ensures plenty of laughter and messages that stick. He was one of only two Australians to receive the internationally recognized status of Certified Speaking Professional in 2012. And his professionalism off stage makes life easy for event organisers.

As a leader for 25 years in the well-being industry, the workplace health appraisals program he founded has had over 30,000 people participate. So, there’s a ton of experience and information to draw upon when motivating people embrace their well-being and be their best.

Prior to that he, with degrees in anatomy and physiology, worked for five years in cardiac rehabilitation where he developed programs to motivate people who had heart attacks, bypasses, diabetes and high blood pressure to get back on their feet and get the most out of their lives. There, he wrote the internationally distributed book “Better Blood Pressure”.

Rob was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his philanthropic work. He founded Its Time Foundation that replaces diesel power with solar in remote Pacific Island schools. He also initiated a series of plastic free oceans and climate actions, and a women’s health and resilience program in remote communities.

“Fantastic. Great message and style, so simple yet powerful.”


“Highlight of the conference.”

ANZ Bank




“Just brilliant. Very thought provoking. The David Suzuki ‘do your homework’ anecdote will stay with me forever.”

Attorney Generals Dept.

“The most useful session I have been to in 12 years.”

Dept. Defence


“Great seminar – made me aware of simple little life changing things I can/should do.”


“Of enormous benefit.”


“Brings things back into perspective how easy it is to look after yourself.”

ACT HR Forum


“Fantastic and very thought provoking.”


“Entertaining and incredibly relevant.”


“The feedback from our sales team has been excellent.”

3M Healthcare


“An hour and a quarter felt closer to 15 minutes such was the style and interesting content.”

Rewards Distribution


“I have to say thanks again. I have had such great feedback from your session. Never had that level of enthusiasm.”

Disability Services Australia


“Fantastic. Have been waiting for this to be a conference topic for over 10 years.”


“The feedback from our sales team has been excellent.”

3M Healthcare


“Full of motivational ideas. A great reminder to get back to the basics.”

Walsh and Sullivan Real Estate

“Really worthwhile – great advice and strategies that will make a difference.”

Commonwealth Bank


“Thank you, that was a great opening for our conference.”

WA Principals’ Conference

“Absolutely Fabulous. You cleverly reminded me what is necessary and therefore important for a good life.”



“Obvious experience and knowledge, confidence, competence and credibility.”

Health and Ageing


“Excellent holistic approach. Great use of analogies to allow you to understand and remember important messages.”



“Fantastic. Great to challenge us, create humour, and remind us about what matters.”

Macmillan Publishers

“Excellent – motivational.”


“Logically presented, Rob’s passion for his subject is inspiring.”



“Inspiring, humorous, educational, honest.”

Commonwealth Ombudsman


“This is the second time I’ve heard this presentation from Rob and it was just as interesting as the first time, and I will take more away with me this time. Rob has a very straight forward, interesting, witty, convincing manner.”

Environment Australia


“An excellent and instructive presentation at our international convention.”

Australian Pipeline Industry Association

“Great, lots of good messages and fun, thanks.”

Dept. Agriculture


Illawarra Retirement Trust


“Thought provoking information.”


“Well thought out, structured, organised and presented.”



HMA Group

“Commonsense, a refreshing approach.”



“Great, a real eye opener, great information to pass on to my family.”

Human Services

“Very informative and rewarding, I will look after myself to help look after others.”

Commonwealth Bank

“Simple, effective, quality strategies.”

The Tradies


“Refreshed the mind with the thoughts that were in their but not active, Thanks for activating and motivating a healthy lifestyle.”


“Loved it. Second time coming and I still found it motivational.”

Therapeutic Goods Administration


“Knowledge of the subjects was good and was realistic about peoples ability to meet goals and raised excellent strategies to ‘achieve personal goals.”



“Clear, concise, informative, open and amusing.”


“Got us to actively participate, provided good stories/examples to illustrate points.”



“Entertaining, relevant anecdotes, great sense of humour and engaging.”

Environment Australia