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Rob Edwards B. Sc. CSP

On stage or in-house Rob’s purpose is to provide a meaningful and truly memorable experience, so people leave thinking and talking about their most important asset, themselves. Plenty of laughter and a long history of learning his craft well ensure those messages stick and people are motivated to do stuff. Conference organisers are left feeling well satisfied with their speaker choice.

Rob has extensive experience working with people at all levels of business, cardiac patients, young offenders, elite athletes and, through his charity, remote island communities. All of that has developed a communication style that genuinely connects with people. He’s been speaking professionally for 20 years and was one of only two Australians to receive the internationally recognized status of Certified Speaking Professional in 2012 (it’s pretty tough to get).


Rob has a Bachelor of Science with majors in Anatomy & Physiology.

He was a company director for 20 years in the well-being industry where he has designed and delivered staff development and appraisal programs for hundreds organizations.

Prior to that he worked for five years in a cardiac rehabilitation program where he motivating people who had heart attacks, bypasses, diabetes and the like to get back on their feet and get the most out of their lives. There he wrote the internationally distributed book “Better Blood Pressure”.

In the mid 80’s he took a year out with a select group of twenty people to develop and implement the Wilderness Project. A unique rehabilitation program for young offenders.

Rob also manages the Its Time Foundation that he established in 2008 – that replaces diesel power with solar in remote island schools.



An hour and a quarter felt closer to 15 minutes such was the style and interesting content.

- Rewards Distribution

It was amazing. He has changed my views on life within an hour.


Fantastic. Great message and style, so simple yet powerful


I have to say thanks again. I have had such great feedback from your session. Never had that level of enthusiasm.

- Disability Services Australia

Fantastic. Have been waiting for this to be a conference topic for over 10 years.

- Elgas


- Hastings Deering

The most useful session I have been to in 12 years.

- Dept. Defence

Brings things back into perspective how easy it is to look after yourself

- ACT Small Agencies HR Forum

Just brilliant. Very thought provoking. The David Suzuki ‘do your homework’ anecdote will stay with me forever. Thanks Rob

- Attorney Generals

The feedback from our sales team has been excellent

- 3M Healthcare

Full of motivational ideas. A great reminder to get back to the basics

- Walsh and Sullivan Real Estate

Really worthwhile – great advice and strategies that will make a difference.

- Commonwealth Bank

Thank you, that was a great opening for our conference.

- St George Principal's Conference

Absolutely Fabulous. You cleverly reminded me what is necessary and therefore important for a good life


Obvious experience and knowledge, confidence, competence and credibility.

- Health and Ageing

Of enormous benefit


Excellent holistic approach. Great use of analogies to allow you to understand and remember important messages

- Treasury

Fantastic. Great to challenge us, create humour, and remind us about what matters.

- Macmillan Publishers

Great seminar – made me aware of simple little life changing things I can/should do.

- ATO Revenue Management Wollongong

Excellent – motivational

- Sandvik

Logically presented, Rob’s passion for his subject is inspiring

- Centrelink

Highlight of the conference

- ANZ Bank

Inspiring, humorous, educational, honest

- Commonwealth Ombudsman

This is the second time I’ve heard this presentation from Rob and it was just as interesting as the first time, and I will take more away with me this time. Rob has a very straight forward, interesting, witty, convincing manner.

- Environment Australia

An excellent and instructive presentation at our international convention

- Australian Pipeline Industry Association

Great, lots of good messages and fun, thanks



- Illawarra Retirement Trust

Thought provoking information

- Dexicon

Well thought out, structured, organised and presented

- Fiducian


- HMA Group

Rob did not present as you must do, but made you feel it’s possible without a great upheaval.

- Defence

Commonsense, a refreshing approach


The feedback from our sales team has been excellent

- 3M Healthcare

Great, a real eye opener, great information to pass on to my family

- Human Services

Very informative and rewarding, I will look after myself to help look after others.

- Commonwealth Bank

Simple, effective, quality strategies

- The Tradies

Refreshed the mind with the thoughts that were in their but not active, Thanks for activating and motivating a healthy lifestyle

- Radpharm

Loved it. Second time coming and I still found it motivational

- Therapeutic Goods Administration

Knowledge of the subjects was good and was realistic about peoples ability to meet goals and raised excellent strategies to ‘achieve personal goals.


Clear, concise, informative, open and amusing

- Comcare

Got us to actively participate, provided good stories/examples to illustrate points

- ComSuper

Entertaining, relevant anecdotes, great sense of humour and engaging.

- Environment Australia

Very well spoken and informative not to mention highly entertaining

- Nortel Networks

Made sure that ‘moderation’ not complete change was the key

- Dept Agriculture

Dynamic, excellent delivery, sensible

- Industry Tourism and Resources

Realistic, clear and easy to understand how small changes can make a big difference


Very friendly delivery. Good body language, discussed everything with sense of humour, good evaluation of audience and good rapport

- Migration Review Tribunal

Very informative, very experienced, very to easy listen to.

- Invest Australia

Excellent presentation skills, information more relevant to my personal situation.

- Customs, Sydney

Relationship of individual element to “the whole”. Attitude, personality very good.

- Defence

He has detailed knowledge of the subject supported by life experience and examples that support the subject.

- Defence

Thank you I want to share this with loved ones

- ACT Small Agencies HR Forum


- DHS Integrity Div Conference

Much more relevant and informative than i thought it would be. I have taken away a lot of helpful tips to my (and my families) life


Unexpected but very worthwhile. Gives hope that a small investment of time can have a significant payoff


Practical and down to earth instruction presented with some fun. I don’t think I will forget the messages for a long time


Impressed!!! Great consummate presenter. Really worthwhile topic to highlight. Interactive,informative and prompts for further action

- Questacon

Better than the “love in” I was expecting. As a communicator myself, the standard of presentation was exemplary and engaging

- Questacon

Thought provoking – made me realise that life is about choices we make and the choices we don’t make.


Excellent — very informative and engaging. I will take a lot away from the session – presenter was great – made thing really interesting. Thank you


Exciting, eye opening, mind challenging, re-evaluate who is No 1

- ATO Revenue Management _ Brisbane

Thought provoking. Motivational, good speaker. Interesting, understand little thing count.

- ATO Revenue Management _ Canberra

Really good, really useful. You’ve asked me to rethink the little things that can make a BIG difference to me, my loved ones and our planet!!

- DIAC - People Services

Exciting love the beeps and ducks – all common sense.

- DIAC - People Services

Equally informative and entertaining, I enjoyed it and will get use out of it.

- ATO Revenue Management Wollongong

Well organised and spoken, had humour. Enjoyed the topic made a serious topic light hearted. I felt Rob enjoyed and loved the delivery of the subject

- Hastings Deering

Rob – thank you! I do so much of what you said, yet there are a few key things you have helped me refocus on! Your seminar was fresh, honest and on the mark for so many of us, thank you.

- DEEWR Labour Market Strategy

Very good – just what I needed. I know much of this stuff but very useful to have the importance of it reiterated and strategies for making changes.

- DEEWR Legal

Fantastic – A great fit for our conference theme

- Innovia Films

Very informative and full of tips. Thank you for making me aware I am important

- Innovia Films

Inspirational, motivational, informative. Great to talk about the SELF for a change.

- St George Principal's Conference

Amazing, really makes you stop and think and feel you are important and worth saving not only yourself but more so your family.

- Macmillan Publishers

Fantastic. Some really simple things to think about and do for yourself. I will take this home to my husband to do as well.

- School West Pymble Public

Fantastic! Thank you for the inspiration.

- School - Castle Cove Public

Thanks Rob. Full of great, practical advice that I will probably follow, rather than put it off.

- Castle Cove Public

A fabulous reminder to go and do the things I know I should


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