2019 kick start for clients and staff

As a planner you are all about enhancing your clients’ financial well-being – yes? Here’s a perfect complement to that purpose. As well as gaining from the initiative, they will value the fact that you offered them this gift.

If you do routine client up dates – this is a neat fit. Otherwise it’s a super positive one-off event. And it doubles as an effective staff well-being initiative.

  1. Invite your clients and their friends to evening drinks, breakfast or lunch.
  2. You give an update to reengage them with the role you play in their life.
  3. You introduce the “Live Well. It’s All About You” session.
  4. Network.  They will be buzzing, so a perfect atmosphere to engage with them.

The parallel with the role of planners is strong.  The session is all about regular small investments, time and decisions, in our well-being, relationships and the other things important in our lives.  With a long life and a great quality of life as the ROI.  Sound familiar?  

Rob is one of Australia’s leading speakers, so there will be tons of fun and a swag of take home messages.  And there are a few ways to make this work at lesser fees than his long lead time large conference bookings.

Share your thoughts and questions below and let’s have a conversation.