For events in Fiji

Make your conference in Fiji extra special

As well as being one of Australia’s leading speakers, Rob established Its Time Foundation. So for your event:

(Also, see below the Books For Kids program)

Add a fun, unforgettable keynote

Reduce the conference’s CO2 footprint

Create a world of new opportunity for kids in Fiji


Many Fijian schools struggle with no electricity or rely on dirty diesel generators they can afford to run only a couple of hours per day. The kids have little chance of a modern education. Its Time provides clean, free energy for that modern education and utterly transforms the prospects for these kids. The money saved on generator fuel creates decades of cash flow to buy the computers they desperately need.

If the event was going to leave a contribution to the people of Fiji, why not change kids lives by offsetting some of the event’s CO2.  Rob will also donate his fee on your behalf to the foundation. He can also do a short presentation sharing exactly how the conference is leaving a legacy. Delegates will clearly understand how they have made a difference in the lives of the people of Fiji.  We can arrange photobooks and other collateral should you require. Rob also has plenty of tips that may enhance your event in Fiji.


Take some books with you and boost literacy in Fiji schools.

I have linked up with a retired school teacher who has a network of schools that provide surplus quality library books for third world schools. Fiji schools massively appreciate this opportunity. Here’s how it works.


Tell us how many attending your conference.
We supply 1, 2, or 3 books per delegate in return for a donation to Its Time Foundation.
Have your event organiser link you with a school (we can help).
Share the books amongst delegates before you leave so no customs hassles with boxes of books.
Visit the school and each person can sit and read with a child. Then give them the books for the school library.

There is sure to be welcome singing and plenty of fun. Delegates leave with a big smile on their face knowing they have made a difference in these kids lives.
We can arrange or give tips for other education boosting resources you can also take along.

You may consider taking some of the books along to that school, but have another allocation of books that go to a very remote school (days travel from the conference areas) who’s libraries are usually very poorly stocked and the books will make an even greater difference.