Making your event in Fiji extra special


As well as being one of Australia’s leading speakers, Rob established Its Time Foundation focused on Fiji. He knows the country well and can give your event a genuine connection – on and off stage.

Also if you are considering a CSR initiative aligned with your event, please consider these videos. There are many ways these can create connection and memories for your delegates. Even if you are not using Rob’s services, give him a call and only to happy to offer tips to enhance your event in Fiji.

And/or take some books and boost literacy in Fiji schools.

Australian schools us with surplus quality library books for Fijian schools.

Tell us how many attending your conference. We supply 1, 2, or 3 books per delegate in return for a donation to Its Time Foundation. Have your event organiser link you with a school (we can help). Visit the school and each person can sit and read with a child. Then give them the books for the school library.

There is sure to be welcome singing and plenty of fun. Delegates leave with a big smile on their face knowing they have made a small difference in these kids lives.